you want me to make a 'duck' face?!?

my history
I’m a recovering software application developer with over 15 years of experience building technology using a whole host of languages and platforms from C++ to JS.
For what it’s worth, the bulk of my work has been in iOS apps and GPGPU image effects.
wait, didn’t you say game developer?
Yep, sure did. Did I mention that I’m a recovering application developer?
I saw that the world changed for developers, and it was time to adjust.
the world…changed?
The days of writing OpenGL are numbered except for a select few talented engineers.
About 2 years ago, I tried out Unity for the first time, and I could do in 30 minutes what would have taken 3 months to program from scratch.
I’ve written a couple of small game engines in my day. After seeing what Unity can do, I really don’t see the point anymore. You get so much out of the box, and most of the box can be changed.
And to be frank, I’m glad I that I never have to multiply two quaternions again.
Yep. I love a good story, and I realized there is nothing better than a game that tells a good story.
and now?
Freed from the tyranny of the quaternions, game makers can focus instead on the art, gameplay, and story.
I have taken the last year to learn design, 3D modeling, animation, Unity, and storytelling.
Now, I’m putting it all together with a few VR and game projects. I think they are going to be awesome.

is this a good duck face?

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